Sound Engineer


My background in music helped me a lot in understanding where sound comes from, how to use it, and how to record it. I’ve been in a lot of different studios working with great sound engineers and took all this knowledge and used it and still use it when shooting videos. For more than 2 years I also worked a couple of day’s a week for a camera rental company. In these years I started using all kind of mics for different projects.

Some of the company’s I work for as a Sound Engineer / Boom Operator

I have a lot of experience with the Sanken CS1, Sennheiser mics and Sound Device mixers. These are my favorite mics and mixers to work with. Some of the projects I worked for as a sound engineer are not online because of copyright and because they were intended for internal use.

Sneeuw - De Amsterdamse Winterparade

In 2017 I started helping out Matthijs Diederiks with his documentary about future food. A lot of times I recorded the audio as well.

12 Months 100% Future Food - Now What?

Jake Food - Complete Nutrition Meal Replacement Review

For PEAK-IT I recorded all kinds of videos, but these are my favorites. Of course recording the audio was one of my duties.

Jouw Carrière


I do think that audio is underrated sometimes. A lot of people use the wrong mics because they have no understanding of good audio. They have no idea what kind of impact it can have on your video. Unfortunately this is pretty common in the media. You can hear it everywhere, but that’s why I like to record audio the right way. Give people a bit of understanding why you should hire a sound engineer and why it can give your video a great positive impact.