I made a couple of promo videos for different company’s. Some of them you cannot find online, but here are a couple of examples.

Services: Director / Camera Operator

Around february 2019 I had the opportunity to produce the new promo video for PEAK-IT. Working for the marketing department my job was to make a video for the campagne ‘Vliegende Start’.

Because of my freelance experience as a camera operator I wanted to make something good. But I couldn’t do this on my own so I called my friend Hans Schepp to help me out shoot the video. Equipped with Gimbals and Sony A7RIII we shot the video in 4 hours. The color grading and edit I did myself.

Een vliegende start bij PEAK-IT

In the spring of 2017 I had the chance to shoot a promo for Motortrainer Vincent. I wanted to do the best I could so I used a Sony FS7 with some Sony GM and Zeiss lenses. Just natural sun light and super slowmotion shots.

I did not use the Sony FS7 very often so it took my a while before shooting to get used to all the menu stuff and how to use the gamma profiles. Eventually after practicing for a day I knew I could do it, and it would work out just as planned. We shot on a partly cloudy and sunny day. Some shots were done from within a car and some from a slider. The edit was not done by me but I finalised the promo with color grading.

De Motortrainer. Optimale controle over je motor.

In 2016 a well known artist and also a good friend of mine made a beautiful visualization called ‘‘A Window in Time’. It visualizes the past, present and utopian future of Amsterdam. The piece is a light-minded representation of a history of contradictions.

He asked me to shoot a promo for it when it was finished. Because of the bright lights and because I had to shoot in the cold dark night. I figured to use a Sony A7S2 for all the camera work together with some Zeiss lenses. In my opinion this was the cheapest and possibly best choice to get great results. The edit and color grading was done by Matthijs Diederiks.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

The first promo video I ever made was for Twang Wolf Studio and the Sunday Kids. Filmed on a Canon Xm2 Cam. With no extra microphone or lights etc. Still I want to share this video because you can see we had a great time in Twang Wolf.

Twang Wolf Recording Studio - Sound