Post Production


Nowadays I mainly use my post production skills for all kinds of projects. If you check out my corporate videos, the audio and color grading I did myself. As for the promo videos; also most of the time I color grade and finalize the audio levels. I really like doing this, you can get a kick out of it, if you do it right 😉

Most of the company’s I worked for don’t have their media content online for free. I did post production work for 24Kitchen, FutureFood and Sunday Kids. Nowadays I mainly do post production for PEAK-IT.

Somewhere around 2011 I started working as a digital content controller at 24Kitchen. Mainly my work was to check all media (television episodes) for broadcasting. After a year I started doing audio post production as well and it didn’t take long or I was doing all kind of post production work. Audio, color grading and quality control of television episodes. Learned a lot these years working for a television company. Still use my skills every day.

Media Handler Post Production

24Kitchen LIVE Event

In 2010 I started doing freelance work as a ‘data-handler’. This was my first experience working on film sets. It was a tough job sometimes especially because you had to keep your focus for a long period of time as if there was one file corrupt or missing things could get quit bad. Fortunately this never happened to me and I always delivered the media files as is. After a year I started to get used to the work but I wanted to keep learning and do something else. I applied for digital content controller at the television company 24Kitchen.


Some of the projects as a ‘data-handler’