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Client: Sunday Kids VOF
Services: Director | Producer


I made a couple of music videos with friends now. And in 2017 I decided to make another one. This time with more of a story in it, a so called black comedy like video. The song was about 3 minutes and it became a challenge to put the story in such a short timeframe. It’s about a guy who wakes up every day, and every day he’s getting worse. He becomes frustrated and angry. This time we shot with 2 Blackmagic camera’s, some lights and Zeiss Cine Prime lenses. Worked out like a charm 🙂


‘Southside’ (Sunday Kids VOF 2017)


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In 2016 I started to get a taste for producing and directing music videos. While working for a camera company I had the opportunity to learn a lot more about camera’s, lights and sound. And me and my band decided to come up with another great music video. This time it needed more humor and less freaky shots. We shot the thing in Westerpark with just natural light, some friends and one hell of a cameraman Aron van Blooijs.

Sweet One

‘Sweet One’ is the third single from the recently released album “Sweet One” (Suburban Records 2016)




In January 2016 we did our album release at ‘Bitterzoet’ in Amsterdam. Because we didn’t have a lot of live videos. We made a live video of ‘Keep On Comin’. I asked 2 camera people to help me out rolling. The show itself was great but the ending turned out different then expected…

‘Minor head injury’

A couple of days after the show I was feeling better again and started editing the whole thing in a day or 2.

Keep On Comin' (Live)

Sunday Kids performing Keep on Comin’ live @ Bitterzoet Amsterdam.




In 2015 me and my band started recording our second album ‘Sweet One’. To promote this adventure, we figured, let’s make a music video for our single ‘Being Free’. At first the idea was a story about a queen that would be followed by the band and eventually she would go up in smoke…The End. But that was harder to shoot than we thought. We had no time producing that story. So we thought let’s keep it simple. I contacted the island ‘Fort Pampus’ in Amsterdam and asked if we could shoot over there. The hard part was getting there without a boat. So I called somebody with the perfect transportation vehicle.

‘Photo by Anne Groos’

The video itself was shot with an Sony A7s2 and some different Sony lenses. Because we only had like half a day to shoot the whole thing we kept it quite simple and used almost no lights. We did use an awesome smoke machine that turned out to be the best idea ever 😉

Being Free

‘Being Free’ is the second single from the album “Sweet One” (Suburban Records 2015)



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One of my band’s first single called ‘Goin’ Home’ came out in 2012 on our first record Twang Wolf Sessions. For this song we also edited our first video. You can check out some old footage from my grandpa and grandma who lived in Suriname for a couple of years. You can see my grandpa, grandma, my mother and her sister hanging around in Suriname. I thought it was great footage to use. Old school.

Goin' Home

‘Goin’ Home’ is the first single from the album “Twang Wolf Sessions” (Undertow Recordings 2012)