Corporate Videos

Client: PEAK-IT
Date: 2018
Services: Director / Camera Operator


One of the last corporate videos I produced for PEAK-IT was Woonzorg. The story is about the coorporation between the 2 company’s. It was one of the harder videos to shoot because you work with real people in real situations and I had to do everything on my own (directing, camera and audio). But I’m proud of the results.

This time I filmed the testimonials with an A7SII. I must say that shooting with this camera is a lot of fun but when I compare the quality with a GH5, GH5 wins. In my experience it’s also harder to grade the image of the A7S2. The colors come out unnatural sometimes.

Uitrol Office 365 bij Woonzorg Nederland door PEAK-IT


In 2018 I started working as a content creator for PEAK-IT. Everything was pretty new to me because I was not used to work for a corporate company in a corporate environment. After a couple of months me and my colleagues started working on some new videos to promote PEAK-IT as a company. We didn’t script anything, only had a couple of questions for the people working there. Somewhere in July we started filming the testimonials. I rented 2 panasonic GH5 camera’s, Voigtlander lenses (love those), lights, mic’s and we were ready to go.

Getting ready to shoot

The testimonials were shot in 2 days, it was not that easy to do everything right. I had to check the audio, 2 camera’s and the lights. Usually you work with more people that can help you out with all the technical stuff. My colleagues helped me out the best they could, but to do it right I had to check everything twice. Fortunately we did an awesome job.

Jouw Carrière

We did 2 video’s. One about the career of people working for PEAK-IT and one about education. In August I started editing, color grading and audio post production. Really proud of the results.


Because of my work for PEAK-IT. Shooting videos, shooting pictures and designing all kinds of stuff. I won a price. Who wouldn’t be proud of that? 🙂

9+ Award | PEAK-IT